Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Bit of Pond Returns

It took it's sweet time, but the much-awaited storm has arrived.  It didn't start raining until around noon.
 (Note: I was in my classroom having my lunch when the skies went dark and the heavens dumped.  Simultaneously, the power went out and there were 27 soaking wet, shrieking with laughter 4th graders clammering at the door.  I let them in, gritted my teeth and allowed them to finish their Christmas art projects: out came the cups of glitter, the drippy glue, the scissors, the bags of pom-poms, buttons and beads and the felt and pipecleaners.  By the time the lights came back on, we had a line of psychodelic snowmen lined up and drying on the bookcase.  The children had a blast, but I don't think that the custodian who vacuums the carpet is going to love us.  But I digress)

To be honest, I was expecting to see a more dramatic amount of water in the pond when I got home.  But we've gotten almost 1.5" and the rain's still coming down.  Also, the culvert is starting to flow with runoff from the hill.  Bruce and I took a walk around the pond to see how things looked from down there.

From the far side of pond, the island really looks like an island.  It's actually more of a peninsula with a knob on the end (which is far better than a heap of rock and dirt sitting in a dry depression).

This is what it looks like from the house side.  It's expecting a lot, but maybe in the morning we'll have a real island once again.

That will take a solid night of rain.

I'm so over-the-moon joyful to see the dry cracked mud that I walked over a week ago gently settling beneath water after such a long time.

Bruce says that four mallards came down to bob around on the pond for awhile this afternoon.  I'm happy!


  1. Frogpond is becoming a pond again!! Hip hip horray!!

  2. I second that cheer. And it's still raining!

  3. Wonderful that you are finally getting that much needed wet stuff in quantity!