Monday, October 6, 2014

The Sage

 It's a struggle to have success in the garden at Frogpond Acres.  There are so many things just waiting in the wings to destroy or devour my green children.  Deer, gophers, cows, and chickens to scratch or eat them up.  Rock, heat, wind and frozen winter nights to do in the survivors.  It's a wonder, in every sense of the word, when something manages not only to stay alive, but to thrive.

Sage is one of the thrivers.  I planted this bed late last spring, and the roots dug in and the plants spread outwards and blossomed.  The hummingbirds adore the bright flowers.  The deer and gophers detest their pungent aroma (which I love).

They don't ask for much and light up the garden with their bright red, purple and blue blossoms.

Note to self:  next year - more sage.

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