Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hello, Horatio!

The Two Plump Hens, Tiny Turtle, Cat-in-Car, Chick-in-Pot and Velociraptor on the kitchen window ledge have been joined by a new critter.

I thought that Velociraptor didn't fit in, but this new guy has him beat.

I found this yesterday evening as I was walking the trail on the neighbor's property.  I happened to look down and there it was.  I could very easily have stepped on it and am glad that I didn't.

Bruce has been fascinated by it and has gone onto the Internet trying to figure out what animal used to have it.  It is delicate, with very large eye sockets.  It has fangs, but also flat molars in back.  So it was an omnivore.  He's thinking that this may have been a skunk.  Naturally, I have named it Horatio...

I suppose that there are two kinds of people in the world -- those who will bring a skull into the kitchen to reside on the window ledge and those who won't.  I'm the sort who will.

That said, Horatio will be outside before the cleaning ladies show up on Friday.


  1. Horatio, welcome to Frogpond Acres! :-D

  2. Finally, a Frogpond critter who DOESN'T eat us out of house and home!