Monday, October 13, 2014

Sprinkler Geese

It's the middle of October and it's still very warm.  Almost hot, actually.  It's easy at this time of year, when it feels like summer should finally be over (enough, already!), to slack off on watering.  This is a mistake.  Every year I lose plants that I've managed to keep alive all through the stinking summer heat because I've lost the energy to keep watering once the promise of autumn is in the air.

So this evening, I was faithfully back at the business end of the hose watering the garden.  I also put on the sprinkler for awhile, much to the delight of the geese.  I've never seen them actually stand in the droplets of water, but this evening all three of them planted themselves right in the middle of the splash zone and enjoyed every moment.

They even opened their mouths to let the water fall in, but every time I clicked the camera, they'd already closed their beaks.  That's how geese are.

Tomorrow is supposed to be about ten degrees cooler than today and the day after that even cooler, with a chance of showers.  I can hardly wait.

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