Sunday, October 5, 2014

Clever Dog

Seal is our old dog -- she'll be 13 years old on November first.  She may be elderly, but she's smart and she's determined.  Recently, she figured out how to open the front door by rearing up on her hind legs and pawing at the door handle.  She now can open the door whenever she feels like it.  Since she's decided that sleeping on her dog bed in the bedroom is her favorite place to be, that door gets pawed open a lot.

This is a picture of Seal just before jumping up and pressing down the door handle.

Several seconds later, Seal was padding past me as quietly as possible, hoping I wouldn't notice her.

I did.


She was asked to go back outside, which she did with a great show of dejection.

The Border Collie in her is tenacious though -- she'll be be back inside very soon.  We spend a lot of time trying to outwit the animals.  At this time, our human brains have definitely been bested by a dog's.

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