Wednesday, October 22, 2014


On Sunday, Bruce and I were almost home when we pulled over because a cattle drive was happening all around us.

We sat and watched the cows spill down the road all around us, herded by cowboys on good ranch horses.  I had my camera in my purse.

One of those ranch horses looked very familiar.  Starboy!  I watched this boy being born 12 years ago.  The one baby from my mare Sheba.  I kept him until he was two, then sold him to my former neighbor, Mike.

Mike was looking for a good working horse.  Starboy was a youngster looking for a job.  A match made in heaven.

When I decided to breed Sheba, his mom, I researched bloodlines and sires for months.  I chose his sire, Junior Starlight, as the best stud.  Yeah, I think we did well.

I'm so freakin' proud when I see my strong, beautiful boy chasing down an errant cow.  And I'm so happy that he grew into his birthright as a cowhorse.  Such a magnificent horse.

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