Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Potatoes are a miracle.  I planted some Yukon Golds in this bed two years ago and thought I'd harvested them all.  Since then, I've pretty much ignored this area but planted two bare-root apple trees in it this spring.  I saw several potato plants but let them be and planted around them.

Yesterday I decided to mulch the bed and went to work digging up whatever potatoes were there.  Going after spuds is sort of like searching for Easter eggs -- you only have to put a little effort into finding them.  I stuck in a shovel and - lo! - golden potatoes spilled out.  I must have harvested over ten pounds of the volunteers.

Last night for dinner we chopped some of them up , fried them in butter/olive oil and then added a bit of turkey sausage, parsley and beaten eggs (from our own hens).  A few pinches of sea salt and a grinding of pepper and we had a meal fit for royalty.

Here are the potatoes sizzling in the pan.  I have no pictures of them in their final form -- when we scooped them, steaming and fragrant, into the bowls, we forgot about everything but eating them.  Good eats!

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