Sunday, June 1, 2014

Blue Oak

This afternoon I discovered something wonderful and very unexpected on this baby blue oak tree.  I'd planted it just outside the orchard fence in February and it soon leafed out vigorously and had every appearance of thriving.  And then literally from one day to the next, every leaf on it was brown and dead, dead, dead.  There were no signs of gophers and it hadn't been watered too long ago.  Feeling a bit silly, but in the hope that there might still be a flicker of life in the tree, I gave it a long, slow soak from the hose.

It took three weeks, but today when I was watering, I noticed tiny green buds on every twig.  The tree got another soaking from the hose, a ring of rocks and a good thick mulch.

If we can hold back the really hot weather until the leaves have grown a bit and toughened up it just might have a chance.  I'm glad I didn't give up on it.

It's been two days since my right eye was lasered.  The doctor had said that my pupil would be back to normal within six hours, but it remained dilated for the entire day and the world was blurry.  It took until today for it to get down to a normal size.  Unfortunately, I now have a very large floater right in front of my line of sight...always something!

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