Friday, June 27, 2014

Kayaking at Last

Today Bruce and I took the kayaks out on their maiden voyages on Lake Tabeaud.  I stayed up late the night before attempting to gain knowledge on how to hold the paddles and maneuver the boat around.  I did my best, but after multiple paragraphs about such topics as the correct angle in which to hold the paddle, I gave it up and went to sleep.

Just as well.  We figured things out the old-fashioned way -- put the boats in the water, climbed in, and gave it a try.  It turned out to be similar enough to paddling a rowboat that we were able to get going without too much traveling in circles.  I was, however, grateful that we had the lake to ourselves when we started out.

My technique may not have been correct, but I discovered that my rowing muscles were identical to my weeding muscles.  Due to my daily stints of ripping up weeds, my arms have apparently attained superhuman rowing strength.  I felt like I could have paddled all day.  There are benefits to being a Frogpond laborer.

I learned two important things that I hadn't read about in the kayak manual.

1. Do not wear your wide brimmed garden hat when kayaking.  The top of the life jacket will keep shoving the back of the hat upwards which causes the front of the hat to dip across one's nose.  I finally gave up on the hat and was slightly sunburned, but much happier.

2. ALWAYS put those little plugs you didn't know what to do with into the round holes beneath one's seat.  I was having such a good time that I didn't realize that my butt was getting soaked from the water splashing up into the kayak.  I had dry shorts in the truck, so I was saved from having to promenade about with a wet spot in back.  I try to hold on to my dignity.

Afterwards, Bruce and I had our lunch at a picnic table by the truck and it was so nice to just sit and eat and chat.

Such a lovely, lovely day.

Oh, and when we got home, I had a bit of a rest and then went outside to do some more weeding.  Gotta keep those kayaking muscles toned up.

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