Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rattlesnake #2

The second rattlesnake of the year has shown up in the potato patch.  I just don't know where.  I had come up from watering the orchard and heard that angry sprinkler sound that tells me that someone is very, very angry.  I grabbed the snake tongs and a lard bucket and tried to locate it.  But the sun had just set and, although I could hear it just fine, I couldn't see it.  A brown snake against brown dirt in the twilight.  Part of me didn't want to quit, but I realized that hunting rattlesnakes in broad daylight is not a good idea but hunting them in the half-dark is just stupid.  So I stopped and went inside.  Now I have a snake under the house and one in the potato patch to worry about.

I think that they are coming to the areas around the house because of the lack of water everywhere else.  Even the snakes suffer in the drought.  We're all just trying to survive.

It looks to be the start of a very long summer.

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