Saturday, June 28, 2014

Golden Splendor

The potted lilies on the back deck have opened into full bloom.  They are sun lovers, but here the heat is so dry and intense that I have them under dappled shade of the tupelo that grows through a cutout hole of our deck.  Unfortunately the same shade that allows them to survive also causes them to grow tall and leggy and they tend to flop over.  But alive is better than dead, so here is where they stay.

I didn't even realize they were blooming, as all of their noses were squashed down on top of the other potted plants.  What gave their presence away was the unmistakable sweet scent of newly opened buds that came to me in waves as I weeded nearby.

I got three bamboo stakes and carefully tied them up.  A hot, dry summer wind is blowing so they won't last very long.

I accept that most years they are here and then gone very quickly.  But not too quickly because they are so worth it.  Golden Splendor -- they are well-named.

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