Sunday, September 22, 2013

Gutters and Rainbows

By Saturday morning, the forecast was up to 60% chance of showers.  That's over-the-top exciting news if you live in Calaveras County, CA where we've had depressingly dismal rainfall amounts for the past two years.

The gutters, which have sat stuffed with decomposing leaves for months and months, could wait no longer.  Time to clean.

So, up I hopped onto the barn, house and garage roofs and got to work.

I was well supervised.

Three hours later, I was wet, filthy and tired -- but the gutters were clean.

And then...


...it rained.

It only totaled about 0.18" on our rain gauge, but we'll gratefully take what we can get.  A summer's worth of dust, dirt and soot washed down through my lovely cleaned-out downspouts.

Towards evening, we went shopping in Jamestown.  The rain had stopped, but a double rainbow spanned the horizon and the glow of light was unearthly.  Car after car stopped by the side of the road as people stood looking at it and taking pictures.  Of course we pulled over too.  Who could ignore a show like this?


  1. Good job getting your roof cleaned just in time before the rain fell. I just hope you consider having safety contraptions while cleaning your roof. A simple slip may result in a serious physical injury. You could also seek professional assistance for such task.

    Joann Winton @ AJC Roofing

  2. Thank you! Of course you're right about the safety thing -- I'm sure that in your line of work you've seen it all. I sort of like the idea of keeping my feet on the ground and letting someone else go up. :)