Sunday, September 15, 2013


After a long week of searching, I found my camera -- and in a most amazing place.  While on the phone, talking about how I couldn't find it, I half-heartedly rummaged around for the umptieth time in the cabinet where I usually keep it.  Only this time, when my hand came out, it was clutching my little blue camera.  It had been there all along.  Sort of akin to finding your shoes in the closet or your wallet in your purse.

So here is a picture from my little blue camera, well-rested after its week off:

The apples in the orchard will always be small, but they are tasty and sweet.

As I was walking up the path from watering this evening, I looked down at the hose and there, right beside it, as still as still could be, stretched a baby King Snake.  I'm sure that it felt very safe and concealed as it hid alongside the equally immobile giant green rubber snake.

Nothing much cuter than a baby King Snake.   And it doesn't hurt a bit that this little guy will be dining upon rattlesnakes when he's bigger.

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