Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Mouse

We have yet another rodent in the classroom.  A bold-as-brass, golden-brown field mouse moved in last Friday.  He lays low in the mornings (perhaps he's a late sleeper), but by afternoon he's scurrying around the classroom like he owns the place.  Try teaching a lesson on the regions of California to a class of 4th graders with a mouse scampering along the wall.  I can not compete with that.  By yesterday afternoon, after completely losing the classes's attention, I stopped and just leaned back against the whiteboard, utterly defeated.  The children finally looked back at me and began to feel sorry for their poor teacher who'd been upstaged by a mouse.

 The class wants to catch him in an empty soup can (?) and keep him as a pet.  This morning I snuck in two traps, a piece of orange cheese and some roasted soybeans as bait.  Joe, the custodian, hasn't set them yet, but there is no sign of the mouse today -- perhaps he took the hint and moved out.  I hope so.

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