Saturday, July 20, 2013


I'm getting just a little bit tired of rattlesnakes.  Yesterday evening we caught our third one of the summer.  It was small, extremely belligerent and adamant about wanting to remain in his home under our deck.  We were as adamant about wishing it gone.

So, off we drove again to the rock wall at the end of our road -- Bruce and I in the front, Murphy nervously in the backseat and Mr. Snake, rattling furiously in the lard bucket in the trunk. We've got the drill down.

When we got to the rock wall, Bruce tipped the snake gently on top of it.  I wanted to take its picture but lost sight of it so Bruce reached over to point it out.  As his finger got closer, that snake decided to point Bruce out and suddenly lunged at him.  I'm happy to say that he missed.

And I got the picture.

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