Saturday, July 20, 2013


Several days ago while I was blogging about the woes of trying to measure curtains, a cow's intermittent bellowing from the lower pasture kept breaking into my thoughts.  After half an hour or so of this irritation, it suddenly occurred to me that she might be hurt, trapped in a fence or in some sort of other bovine trouble.

I went down to the pond and looked over the fence at one of Mike Warner's cows.  She stood very alert and still, every so often letting loose with another long, soulful moo.

And then she stepped forward and there behind her wobbled her brand new calf.  Apparently mama cow was just letting the world know all about the pasture's newest citizen.                               

Bruce and Murphy came down with me and we stood around oohing and cooing like people do when a baby's involved.  I think that mama appreciated the admiration.  

Birthing is hard work.  I wanted to do something nice for mama and her brand new baby so I trotted up to the barn and brought down a flake of Corny's hay.  It was well received.  
And then a heavily pregnant auntie cow showed up and the three of them munched and gazed about with cowish eyes.  I gazed back and was very happy.

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  1. Too cute!! They look very happy with the hay!