Thursday, July 11, 2013

Almost Over

Second to last day of the Institute -- our marching orders were to write and write and write all day as we wandered through the old part of the city of Livermore.  This isn't exactly what we ended up doing (at least not the small group I was with).  We walked a bit and then drank coffee in a cafe and then visited a thrift shop or two or three and talked nonstop.  It was fun, though.  It ended up being more of a social/bonding time than a writing time.

Tomorrow is our last day of the Institute.  Sue, my teaching partner, will be coming to our celebration BBQ at noon -- I'm happy about that.  It's been such an emotional, intense four weeks.  I'm looking forward to some down time after all of this, but am glad that I had my feet held to the fire.  There also are several people in the group who really touched my heart.  I hope like crazy to keep this bond with them.  It's not every day that you meet kindred spirits.

Tomorrow we'll all be wearing our light blue Great Valley Writing Project polo shirts for a group picture together.

Saturday and Sunday I'll be attending a Google conference in the Bay Area with Sue.  Monday, I'll be home at last.

When did I get to be such a busy person?

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  1. If you go thru Stockton on Sunday, I'll be able to give you fresh salmon. Kiichi has been at Salmon Camp since Tuesday... :-)