Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ma and Pa Kettle go to the Fair

Yesterday was Bruce's day off and we had all sorts of exciting plans for the day: going to the dump, poisoning a nest of ants in the garden, bagging up yet more bags of brush, tidying up the compost heap...but life should not be an endless round of scooping up dog turds and replanting the bulbs the chickens have scratched up.

So instead, we dumped all those mundane chores and took ourselves off to the big city for a bit of sophistication and culture:  The California State Fair.

We didn't try this

This three-toed sloth slept through everything

 After walking many miles of hot asphalt goggling at the many splendid sights, we drove back home to a Frogpond that was waiting to be fed, watered and tucked in for the night.

It was a good day.  My big question, however, is one that came to me this morning when I stepped on the scales:  Is it possible to get fat by just breathing in the aroma of deep-fried Twinkies?  Apparently.  I've gained two pounds in a single day.  Time to stay home and clean the chicken coop.


  1. You still should have gotten the turkey leg! :-D Kiichi and I always get corn from The Corn Shack. And our county beat San Joaquin... something I keep reminding Kiichi about (we have a friendly bet every year on whose county will do better). :-P I'm glad you guys went to the fair!!

  2. You, my dear, are the one who gave me the idea to get out and go to the fair -- so, thank you! Yup, Calaveras garnered yet another blue ribbon. Just goes to show that an effective frog motif will always outshine something as mundane as agriculture. :)

    I still regret the turkey leg that got away.