Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer School Stuff: More!

I'm squarely in the middle of another wild and wooly week of doing stuff for school.  Yesterday was a conference on something big that will be hitting all of our schools in exactly two years when CA will be launching into teaching a new set of nationwide learning standards called Common Core.  My teaching partner, Sue, and I listened to a speaker talk about how the assessment of these standards will be implimented.  Very, very cool stuff -- finally we'll be asking kids to show what they can do instead of having them bubble in correct answers.  It's very tech oriented with computers used extensively.  This is fine, other than the worrying fact that elementary schools often have the oldest and most poorly-maintained computers out there.  It was telling that even our presenter couldn't get online to show us their website. 

Today I go to the District Office to hammer out new 4th grade benchmark tests with Sue and another teacher.  Fun times!

Hmmm...if I don't get ready to go right now, the DO staff will see me walk through the door in my bathrobe and slippers...

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