Saturday, August 4, 2012

Rags (plus one)

 Here are my cleaning rags plus one "guest" rag, just washed and hanging on the line.

Rosario and Maria (Agueda's on vacation), our lovely cleaning ladies, came yesterday for their monthly reaming out of the house.  They industriously swept, mopped, scrubbed, and dusted all day long.  They also shook out rugs, washed all the windows (inside and out), cleaned up one dead mouse (hidden and stinking underneath my weaving basket), and changed the linen on the beds.  From eight in the morning until two in the afternoon they worked, only briefly stopping to eat.  Oh, and once again, they brought their wonderful homemade burritos for my lunch too. 

In view of their fabulous work ethic and because they also take such good care of me, I will never bring up that they keep grabbing one of my expensive sage green Egyptian cotton washcloths and putting it to work alongside the other rags I provide for them.  They have done this three times now.  I finally sheepishly took the precaution of washing and tucking away all of the sage green towels in the set.  At least, I thought I did -- I obviously missed one. 

Never fear; Rosario and Maria found it and once again put it through its paces as a humble rag.  It didn't seem to mind, but now it looks slightly worse for wear and smells like cleaning product. 

I'll never say a word -- they would be mortified if they knew.  (Actually, as I objectively look at this picture, I can understand why they'd look at the color and think that it has to be a rag).

Today is strangely overcast and a monsoonal storm will likely sweep through northern California this afternoon and evening.  Although any rain during this hot, dry time would be welcome, the lightning that may also come is not.  Last month we had another such storm and over 400 lightning strikes were recorded; one of which caused a nearby wildfire. 

If there's one thing we don't need around here, it's another fire this summer.  We'll be sticking close to home today, just in case. 

Arby and I are, however, enjoying the lower temperatures today -- only in  the mid 90's.  Now if we were just to get a nice rain shower with NO lightning...
My garden helper


  1. Hi Leslie,
    Please would you post your cleaning Ladies over to me,I could really use them,with just over two weeks until we move,I could do with two angles who are good at their job.I will even supply green rags for them ,as they seem to like that color.!!!
    I also hate thunder storms,my mother told us when we were children,that the lightening was sent by God to punish us for being naughty,so we used to hide under the bed covers so God could not see us.!!
    I still hear my mothers words when we get a storm and as I was brain washed into recounting my sins,I fear being struck by lightening,even NOW.!!!!!

  2. Goodness, Caroline -- I do wish that I could somehow send these ladies your way! Packing up and moving is such exhausting work (both physically and emotionally). In a few weeks all of this will be behind you! :)

    Oy -- I hardly know what to say about your mother telling you that story about lightning. The flash and boom during thunderstorms is frightening enough for children without the additional fear and guilt of all the heavenly implications! Her mother probably told her the same story and her mother's mother did the same. I'm thinking that you never used this story with your own children when they were little!