Friday, July 7, 2017

Early Morning at Frogpond

The blotch in the center of the pond is the island reemerging.  The turtles will be happy to have it back.
I look outside at the hills softly glowing in the early morning light and everything appears so serene and gentle.  Frogs and birds are singing together quite harmoniously, and the potted lilies survived another night.   Sometimes I become so preoccupied with the challenges of living here that I neglect appreciating all of the things that I love.

The temperatures have gone up again this week, but not as dramatically as during the first heat wave. This means that we're only experiencing temperatures as high as 103 degrees as opposed to 113, for which I'm profoundly grateful.

Speaking of gratitude, the lilies are very smug this morning because someone forgot to turn off the hose last evening so they were misted all night.

Yes,  lilies can smile.

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  1. Good that I am reading this - I need to move the water on the berries - kind of forgot about it... Your flowers are just beautiful. What kind of turtles to you have there?