Monday, July 13, 2015


The red bucket in the shower has more uses than just the conservation of water as Zelda has taken it over as her own personal water bowl.  Sometimes I'll hear the lap-lap-lap sound of water and it will take me a moment to figure out what's causing it.  Yesterday morning I thought (for a fleeting second) that it was raining.  Nope - just the cat getting a loud and slurpy drink.

We recently had Zelda clipped at the vets to rid her of her heavily matted coat.  Masses of pointy stickers were so tightly knotted in the fur that it was impossible to brush her and she was very uncomfortable.  It took sedation, but it was worth it.  She came home with a ruff around her neck and a poof on the end of her tail.  She makes quite the fashion statement.

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