Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another Busy Day at Frogpond

This is me weeding, raking and pruning dead branches (sadly, the shot doesn't include the bottle of hard cider in my hand).

One chair over, Multi-Pass was equally engaged in our beautification project.

The lilies actively did their bit too.

This is what we call teamwork.

Meanwhile, back in the linen cupboard...

...Arby the slug couldn't be bothered to help in the least.  Is it any wonder the whole damn place is falling apart?


  1. Cats hard at work. Speaking of which, I was going through my old blog posts & found this Haiku you made for a giveaway on my blog and I laughed out loud:

    I gaze at your shoe
    and think, ah, such a perfect
    place for me to pee.

  2. If you laugh, you're obviously a cat person. :)