Saturday, July 18, 2015

Kindred Spirit

Just eight more days before Sue and I walk/jog the six-mile Wharf-to-Wharf race.  Yesterday we met at the Copper Town Square parking lot and walked the bike path together.  She's had foot problems, so we weren't sure if she could make the pace of 15 minute miles for the distance.  She could -- and this was with the two of us yapping happily together the entire distance!  Imagine our speed when we focus just on forward motion.

Afterwards we sat out in the town square, sipped iced coffees and talked for about two more hours.  In all of my adult life I've had no friend as close as Sue.  I don't form fast friendships easily.  I like many people, but drift away from most of them without even thinking much about it.  I have little desire to keep in touch and have an active dislike of parties or any other contrived way for "having fun".  So having a friend like Sue (social, kind, funny, ethical, extremely intelligent) is a blessing.  In many ways we are opposites -- she's analytical with a love of numbers and moral causes while I'm a touchy-feely, poet sort who loves animals.  Yet by some wondrous chemistry we're kindred spirits and I'm grateful to my core that we found each other.  My life is enriched by hers (and hopefully hers is by mine).

Changing the subject; the island is almost a peninsula.  The pond is continues to shrink, but this has slowed with the slightly cooler weather we're having.  I'm beginning to think that maybe - just maybe it will last (at least as a puddle) until the winter rains arrive.  That is very optimistic thinking.

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