Saturday, July 11, 2015

Waiting for Godzilla

Great news for California: there's now a 90% chance that a very large El Nino event is brewing out in the ocean and this will result in massive amounts of rain here this winter.  This El Nino is different than the one predicted for last year (now dubbed "El Wimpo") -- it's massive and becoming stronger by the day as the ocean warms.  It's still not a sure thing, but I'm all aflutter over the increasing probability that we'll have a deluge of rain this winter.  This El Nino has already been called "a Godzilla El Nino" by meteorologists.  How wonderful is that!

Here is a link to the official NOAA website (not sure if it will work):


However, Godzilla is still a long way from sweeping over Frogpond.  Here things are still as dry as a bone and getting drier with every passing day.  The pond continues to shrink, although this slowed a bit with the cooler weather we've been having.

The cottonwoods along the dam are gradually dying as their roots lose their source of water.  The whole area there looks dismal and very messy, but we've decided to let it all stay as the birds nest in the dead branches.  Tidiness isn't always a good thing -- and it's a relief to have a reason not to do something.

I predict that the pond is dry by the end of August.  Well, we'll all get through this.  Godzilla to the rescue!

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