Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wedding Day

The Big Day for daughter Liz finally arrived -- and it didn't rain.  The afternoon, at the rehearsal, we stood on the deck of the Delta King under umbrellas as the rain pattered down upon us.  Nice ambience, but not desired at an outdoor wedding (unless you are a frog like I am).   Saturday was dry.                                                                                                                                                                      

There will be hundreds (actually, more like thousands) of "perfect" photos of the wedding celebration.  These are a few I snapped on the fly and in the moment.

Liz looked absolutely radiant as I pointed the camera in the general direction of us and clicked.   Instead of a blurry image of grey cobbles or possibly some sky, I actually got portions of all our heads with Liz squarely in the center of it all.

Oma of the Bride!

I will be the first to admit that I am not what you would call "a wedding person".  I've never been able to fully get into orchestrated special moments (unless it involves a classroom of nine-year-olds).  It therefore follows that I would never be much good at helping with the planning of any sort of wedding other than one which involved something like the bride, groom and guests standing on the dirt under a large pine tree.  Like my own wedding to Bruce.

Liz understands this about me and it is fortunate that the women on Kiichi's side of the family were more than happy to put together all the pomp and circumstance of a more traditional wedding.  Liz allowed me to step into the role of Moral Support to the Bride when it was needed.  I'm good at moral support and grateful that I was able to contribute in a way that fitted my own rather specialized talents.  Oh, I also delivered a pretty good toast at the reception dinner.  So I did something!

I'll admit that I had to hold off melancholy as I was surrounded by so many family members from my past life with Geof.  They are all such very nice people and there is no hint of anything between us other than affection and our joined memories of times past.   As a young woman, I don't think that I really understood the workings of marriage and family ties.  Lizzy, on the other hand,  has seen throughout her growing-up years the solidarity of a strong, multi-generational family unit.  We started from two very different places...she's going to do fine!

  Liz and Kiichi in the first seconds of their married life.

                                                            Blessings to them both!


  1. Oh Mome, having by my side through out the day kept me sane!! :-) People say don't expect perfection but I have to say that is exactly what happened... Kiichi and I could not be happier!! :-D

  2. It was a wonderful day and I'm so very happy that I was there for you. All I can say is thank God for waterproof eye makeup! :)