Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It must be spring when...

...the geese get all hormonal and the gander grabs an unsuspecting hen and kills it.  They are now locked in their pen until they regain their sanity.

...the neighbor's cows in our lower pasture become bored and decide to play with the water spigot down there -- I discover two cows and their calves standing in the gush of water spraying from the pipe.  They looked happy.  Me -- not so much.

...I get my first sunburn of the season while weeding in the driveway.  A narrow band across my lower back is a brilliant red -- the part of my skin exposed when crouching down for several hours.

...Speaking of weeds; as they do every spring at this time, they are zealously bent on overtaking our small section of the planet.  I'm in my normal desperate race to pull them up before they go to seed.  It's a race that I always lose.

...we barbecue our first salmon steaks spiked with sprigs of rosemary.  The smell of fish wafting through the evening air mingles with the scent of lilacs.   A strange but delightful mix.

...the first houseflies appear, revving up their little engines.  I did not miss them while they were away.

...tiny pine trees popping up in all the wrong places -- under utility wires, next to telephone poles, in the flower beds.  I'm going around with a shovel and digging up and replanting as many of them as I can find.

It is a such a pretty time of year, but our sorry little rainy season (such as it was) is almost over.  The pond has the least amount of water it's ever had by this time of year.  It's going to be an interesting summer...


  1. You may be getting fresh salmon soon... Salmon season has started! :-D