Monday, April 28, 2014

After the Ball

So I went to Liz and Kiichi's wedding wearing the most beautiful dress I've ever owned (also the most expensive, but we won't go there).  I mean that. Flowy, crinkled champagne and smoke fabric swirling as a walked.  More beautiful than any prom dress I ever owned, because I never owned a prom dress (not having ever gone to a prom might have something to do with this).  More beautiful than either one of my rather Bohemian wedding dresses, which were pretty but not exceptional.  More beautiful than any of those by a thousand fold.  A million fold.  Such a beautiful dress, I might add, that two (two!) people stopped me as I was walking back to the truck to tell me that they thought I was wearing a very beautiful dress.  Humbly, I had to agree.  Beautiful is beautiful.

So what does this most beautiful of dresses look like?  I cannot post a pic of me wearing my most exquisitely beautiful of dresses because of the one million pictures I took, I never thought to aim the camera at myself.  Bruce didn't either.   I'm sure that eventually I'll have one of the group pictures that were taken and then I will share the beautiful dress with the entire world.  Unless, of course, it turns out that it doesn't look quite as beautiful as I imagine it does.  In that case, all mention of the dress will ebb away as if it never existed.

But this won't happen because it really is the most beautiful dress in the entire universe.  Srsly!

So instead, here is a picture of bleary-eyed me the morning after the wedding, wearing my tatty bathrobe and holding my tatty cat.  Bruce, who had every opportunity to take my picture in all my finery yesterday, didn't see fit to snap a pic until I was back to Frogpond normal.

Yeah well, normal is good...

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