Monday, April 21, 2014

A Penelope and Humpty Dumpty Sort of Day

 This project has languished, half strung, on my loom since December.  Yes, they are last year's Christmas gifts, just a teeny-tiny bit late.  I'd started threading it through the heddles my second week of winter break and was fine until school started again.  Then everything stopped.  For three months.

Easter break has commenced and I blew the dust from the loom.  The warp, a long one that is enough for three scarves, has a threading in a simple enough twill pattern -- at least, so you'd think.  First I had to replace a thread that I broke when winding on the warp and then discovered a misthreaded heddle.  And then another one.  I gritted my teeth and fixed every mistake, one by one.  I felt virtuous.

I began weaving and all went well for about the first six inches.  Then I discovered a treadling error.  It was almost imperceptible, but I couldn't let it stay.  Can you see it?  It's just above the straight pin -- I slipped up and treadled in the wrong direction one time.  So I took out all of the weaving until I reached the pin.  Then I wove it up again...and discovered another mistake.

I took a nap.  Then I unwove the section a second time and wove it up again.  And found yet another mistake.  It's too late in the evening to take another nap, so I'll just let it rest until tomorrow.

I'm feeling like Penelope, weaving and unweaving Laertes' shroud.  But less patient.

To round out the day, when I collected eggs this evening I was pleased that all of them were clean; no washing required.  I walked in the front door with eight plump beauties nestled in a grain scoop, when something made me lose my focus (probably thoughts of unweaving more mistakes).  The scoop dipped downwards and six lovely eggs tumbled onto the floor with resounding cracks.  "Oooh, nooo!" I said to the cat.  With those words, my scoop dipped down once again and the last two also slid to their demise.

Some days are just like that.

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