Monday, November 25, 2013

Uncle Mike at Frogpond

Max at his Royal Leisure

It is the second day of Thanksgiving break and life is good.  I'm not taking things anywhere near as easy as Max is, but he's one splendid example of how I plan to spend this lovely week doing a whole lot of things that I want to do.  My list includes weaving, gardening, reading, practicing German and blogging.  It also includes more mundane things like cleaning out a kitchen cabinet or two, getting my hair done (at last), and maybe even working a bit on the interior of our filthy garage.  Overlayering all of this, is the pleasure of the Thanksgiving festivities which this year includes the addition Uncle Mike, visiting from Arizona.

He arrived on Saturday.  Unfortunately, we were an hour late picking him up at the Sacramento Airport because we hadn't factored in the one hour time difference between Arizona and California.  No matter -- what might have been a terrible start to a visit wound up being not even a blip on the radar because all of us were happy.  I love that.  

Not at all surprisingly, one thing that specifically wants to do while visiting is to work outside.  Hah -- genetics is a wondrous thing!
The rest of the workcrew

I took Mike on a tour of the various Frogpond gardens to show him the choices he had for any work that he wanted to do -- the orchard garden, the lower garden, the driveway area, the back garden, the raised beds and the pond wildflower garden.  All of them are looking bedraggled and in need of a lot of tidying up (to put it mildly).

In the end, he chose the pond wildflower garden.  I sort of thought (and hoped) that this would be his choice.  Yesterday we spent several hours clearing out the dead plant growth and it already looks much better.

Today we hope to make it to a local native oak nursery to buy some trees to add to the five we've already got there.  After that, we've got about 300 daffodil bulbs to put in plus a scattering of wildflowers.  Fun times.  :)

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