Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another Mouse

Yow.  It's been a week...and it's not over yet.  School has been tough.  I have a slow leak in one of the tires of my car.  Day light savings time changed, so it's almost dark when I get home.  The internet went out at the house again.  I have to do report cards.  I lost an earring.  I burned broccoli in a pan this evening and the house stinks.

OK, so maybe I'm whining.  Just a little.

However, a funny thing did happen on Tuesday.  I had a substitute take my class for the day as the 5th grade teacher and I were spending the day planning language arts curriculum.  My sub, a stalwart, middle-aged lady named Ms. K, was in my room when I checked at noon to see how things were going.  Ms. K. assured me that the morning had run smoothly and then after a brief pause said, "There is one thing though.  What's that high-pitched buzzing sound coming from the thing you have plugged into your wall?  The sound's been driving me crazy."  I looked, and saw that she was pointing to the contraption I bought to keep rodents away by emitting a noise that they hate.  I can't hear it unless I put my ear right next to it.  I told her what it was, paused, and then kindly noted that she must be a mouse.  Ms. K. didn't say anything, but silently unplugged the thing.

I'm thinking that she may not be returning.  Mice are touchy like that.

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