Thursday, June 6, 2013

Still waiting...

...for summer break to begin.

Friday: Last day of school
Saturday: All day writer's workshop
Sunday: Clean house for company.  They arrive and we have a wonderful time.
Monday: Guests leave in mid-afternoon.  Mary and I go riding towards evening
Tuesday: Go into classroom to clean, throw away and organize
Wednesday: See above
Thursday: Quick ride on Corny in early morning.  Stockton in afternoon for errands and lunch with Mama.
Friday: Will be same as Tuesday and Wednesday

And so ends the first week.  We do have some small visitors who've taken up temporary residence in the laundry room for the summer.  On Tuesday I lugged home the 20 gallon fishtanks from the two 4th grade classrooms along with the bagged up assorted guppies, danios, algae eaters, tetras, etc  and all their fish paraphernalia.  I shouldn't be surprised by how many hours it took to get everything hauled home and set up, but I was.  However, we now have the two side-by-side tanks on a bench along the wall and the fish seem pleased by the change of view.

 When I was all finished, I dried my hands and stood and watched the fish glide about the tanks.  I was satisfied for about three minutes.  Then, at the three minute mark, it occurred to me that I'd be doing this all over again, in reverse, in a month and a half when school starts again.  I need a break.

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