Sunday, June 30, 2013

Nothing but Hot

Arby lying where I've just watered
Today, the temperature got up to 107.  When it gets this hot everything -- plants and animals alike -- are stressed.  I can't run the hose for too long at any one time for fear of running the well dry, so I went out intermittently throughout the day to water whatever parts of the garden looked in most need.  In the afternoon I turned the sprinkler on in the tomato bed and a goldfinch flew down and perched on a sunflower right in front of me.  It was so close that I could almost have reached out and touched it.  I think it might have let me -- the poor thing was so hot that its beak was open and it was panting.  As the droplets of water fell, it ruffled its feathers and settled down.

Tomorrow and the Tuesday are supposed to get up to 110 degrees.  After that, the weather is supposed to go back down to the 90's.  Please let it be so.

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