Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gray Saturday

Bruce and I stayed home today and practiced coughing together.  Being sick together on a damp, gloomy Saturday had at least one plus-point -- we got through the entire stack of mail that's been accumulating since last April.  Two trash bags later, the wooden mail carrier is now holding two thin catalogs and one magazine.  Everything else was sorted through and then either dumped or filed. 

Yesterday's school shooting in Connecticut has left our school staff shaken and sad. Our principal stopped by every classroom yesterday morning, called each teacher outside and told what had happened.  He made the decision (a wise one, I think) to say nothing of it to the students -- it was a Friday and it seemed better to let the parents talk this over with their children.  However, it wasn't easy to go through the day as though nothing had happened.

It will be interesting to see what Monday brings.

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