Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Draino, anyone?

Bruce worked from home today, so was able to get down to the culvert to take pictures of the branches that the storm left caught against them.

In the light of day, I must admit that the branches don't look nearly as massive as they appeared by flashlight.  What is more striking, though, is seeing how high up they're snagged -- the water almost made it to the top of the road.

It always amazes me how suddenly the creeks here can rise during a downpour.  Twice since we've lived here the water's overtopped the culvert and taken out the road.  Then the people who lived on the other side had to park their cars at the culvert and hike to their houses on foot until the road was repaired.  Considering the glacial rate of road repair around here, I'm more than a little grateful that we live on this side of the creek crossing.

Cornelius appears to have enjoyed overseeing Bruce's picture taking.  He's also looking exceedingly smug -- no doubt proud of how dramatically he's prepared himself for his annual Christmas card photo shoot.  How am I ever going to get all that caked mud out of his fur? 

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