Monday, September 10, 2012

Of Brooms and Gophers

Frogpond is quite the hopping place while we're away at work, slaving to earn the money to keep all the hungry mouths here fed.

This morning, before we left, Bruce and I herded the oldest brood of ducklings on the long trek from the barn over to the dog run across the yard.  I picked up our spanking new outside broom to help guide our wayward group.  When they were all settled in the run, I made the mistake of propping the broom against Corny's pen.

When I got home, the broom looked like this:

Not surprisingly, Corny claims to have no knowledge of how said broom entered the horse pen or who could have stepped on it.

A bored horse is not a good thing.  And idle hooves are the devil's workshop.  Just saying.

So we now have one less broom.

Meanwhile, inside...

Poom was busy with something in my office.

"Whatcha got there, Poom-Bot?"


"It's a gopher, Mom!!!" 

So we now have one less gopher.  Good kitty! 

And so endeth another Frogpond Monday.


  1. Hi Leslie,
    I proudly broadcast to everyone that I was back on line,then my internet connection promptly gave up the ghost.!!
    It has been very intermittent since being mended,so I have not been able to fulfill my promise to do more blogging,or indeed comment on anyone else's blog.
    At the moment the signal is good enough to read through your posts; I am so glad your cat turned up safe and well,a happy end indeed.
    Your jars of tomatoes look wonderful and it must be lovely to have your own produce in the winter.
    The pond does look a sorry sight,I do hope you get some rain soon to replenish it,for you and the wildlife.
    Bye for now,take care,

  2. It's good to hear from you -- I'd missed your post about being back on the Internet. On this end, it's taken me about 20 tries to leave a comment on your blog. Don't you love computers...

    I hope that your Internet problems are resolved soon for purely selfish reasons: now that I've seen the outside of the farmhouse, I'm eager to see some pictures of the interior. I'm so fascinated exploring interesting houses, that I sometimes dream of wandering the interior of homes I've never seen. From the outside, your farmhouse seems exactly like the sort I'd dream about. :)