Friday, September 28, 2012


The odor of dead rat in the classroom has been gradually dissipating as the week progressed.  By today, there were actually times when I forgot about the smell.  It's the little things...

Meanwhile, back at Frogpond, I've gotten into the autumn spirit and planted several dozen Chrysanthemums in the two front flower beds. 


To do this, I had to get Bruce to refence the areas in order to keep out the chickens, who had quickly learned how to get over, under and around the old fence.  They made a disaster of this garden, and I finally gave up and sadly watched it go downhill as the summer progressed.  Now that we've got both the chickens and the garden more securely penned, I can get back to growing flowers there. 
When I saw the mums for sale for $1.49 each, I couldn't resist. They're in all the rich autumn colors: dark and light purple, bronze, orange, clear yellow, deep yellow, russet and white. When I get home from school, they glow in the afternoon sunlight.

Max, in his own way, helped me the entire time -- he also glows in the sunlight (in a furry sort of way).  It occurred to me: if this cat were a flower, he'd be a Chrysanthemum. 



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