Sunday, January 18, 2015

Western Gray Squirrels

Two (at least) Western Gray Squirrels have taken up residence in the pine and oak trees around our house.  Everything about them is adorable, even though I read that they fight, have rough sex and the babies hound their mamas unmercifully.  All I have to say is that if one has a magnificent, bushy tail, big ears and clever little paws, one is adorable.  I'll just ignore all that other stuff.

They also are messy eaters.  The foothill pines bear very large cones and this year we're having a bumper crop.  One pine stands at the end of our barn and every morning there are chewed pieces of cones as well as entire cones strewn across my path to the chicken coop.  I pine cone can knock you right over if you're not looking.

We also put up a new feeder for squirrels, jays and anything else that likes bigger food.

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