Saturday, January 31, 2015


Once again, I've been so caught up in school that blogging just became too much.

Having written that, I suddenly realize that the blame cannot all be directed at teaching -- there's another activity that's taking over more and more of my time.  I'm walking (occasionally jogging, but that just messes up my feet and legs, so I'm steering more and more to the slower pace).  My FitBit has motivated me to get moving like nothing else has been able to do.  I'm now averaging seven to ten miles a day and have lost six pounds since Christmas.  For me, that's monumental as this weight's clung to me for 6 years.  I thought I was going to have to keep the little waist-muffins that had settled around my belt line for the remainder of my life.  But now (Huzzah!), the muffins are ever-so-slowly shrinking.

This is all due to this small plastic band around my wrist.  I found that I'm very competitive with the other people I've joined in an online FitBit group.  I will walk for an extra hour in order to beat out a person (man? woman?) named Leenie who I've never met.  All 500+ people in the groups stats are posted and automatically updated throughout the day.  Last I checked, I'd moved up into 113th place. Leenie has me beat, but I don't mind and feel a sort of camaraderie with him/her.  I love walking alone while linked to a group.

I'm so enthusiastic about this that you'd think someone was paying me bonus money for doing well.  Instead, I'm getting nothing except a little stronger and a little smaller.  I'll take that gladly.

However, all of those hours (yes, hours) of walking takes...hours.  It also takes a lot of energy.  Hopefully, when I get my body back in shape (4 pounds to go), I can ease off a bit.


  1. I'll come out and walk with you sometime soon. I've been walking with the girls pretty much every other day. We don't walk as far as you (3-4) miles and we don't have your hills. That being said, I'd like to try to keep up with you! :-D

  2. That would be fun (and I'm pretty easy to keep up with). I have off the week of Feb. 16-20 and you (and the girls) are welcome to come up and traipse the trails with Murphy, Seal and I. Our Birthday Season Walk! :)