Monday, April 8, 2013

The Birthday of a Gourmet, Tractor Driving, Animal Lover

Bruce has been having a grand time, gearing up for his upcoming birthday.  Here are his new birthday soufflé dishes that we got last week at the kitchen store.  On Sunday he made his first soufflé -- a cheddar cheese recipe that was about as delicious a breakfast as one could ever hope to eat.  It was THAT good.  Really!

Lest one think that Bruce is all about gourmet cooking, today he picked up another birthday present for himself:  a brand-new tractor seat to replace the scrunched and ripped one that's been slowly disintegrating on the Kubota.  

Finally, here is the last thing he was hankering for (besides the mega-moolah bucks worth of camera equipment he didn't get): our newest Frogpond inmates, the goslings.

Soufflés!  Tractor seats!  Goslings!

This is quite the multi-faceted Bear I married.


  1. The goslings are adorable and their grand pa,a very handsome chappie.
    Reading about your soufflé breakfast has made my mouth water,they look delicious.
    I hope your eye is healed now and your sight is not impaired by the laser treatment.I am very impressed with your health insurers to get you seen so quickly,that would never happen here.
    Best wishes

  2. Thank you, Carolyn. :) To be honest, our Kaiser Insurance isn't often so Johnny-on-the-spot (especially with conditions that aren't life-threatening). This time there were several nice people who went out of their way to have me seen to, and I'm immensely grateful for that!