Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Birthday Day

Yesterday, for his birthday, Bruce wanted to go for a drive to take pictures of wildflowers and such. So Bruce and I (along with bird id books, The Natural History of the Sierra Nevadas, cameras, and Murphy in the backseat) set off for this long and winding gravel road that snakes through the higher foothills.  Bruce had rediscovered it last week and wanted to go back (I'd been there about ten years ago, but had no recollection of it at all).

Murphy was in charge of all the junk in the backseat
We passed through the tiny town of Sheep Ranch (pop. 82) and then Bruce made a few rights and lefts (I was utterly lost), each time the road getting narrower and more remote.  Finally we came to the magic stretch of road that  Bruce wanted to photograph.  We pulled over and parked whenever the spirit moved us to walk or take pictures.  Not a single other car went by in the several hours we were there.

The Birthday Bear

Bush Lupine

Indian Paintbrush

Wildflowers of orange, yellow, purple and blue lined the top of and draped and spilled down the road cuts.

Ceanothus (California Wild Lilac)

The day was warm, the breezes light and fragrant, and no worries followed us.  It was the kind of day that stays in memory forever (in other words, this time I won't forget that I've been here!)

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