Thursday, April 4, 2013

Birthday Goodies for Two

I have come to realize that it's almost inevitable that whenever one of my much-awaited school breaks comes along, I'll get a cold.  It's become such a tradition and I wait for them to hit.  This time the sniffles and headache began on Tuesday.  I was almost relieved to have the cold finally show up so I could just deal with it already and get on with my long list of things to do (hmmm...could there be a correlation here?).  My delight is immense to find that this break's cold is a wimpy sort and by today I'm able to pretty much ignore it (as long as there's a box of Kleenix nearby).

Next week is Bruce's birthday and when I asked him what he wanted, he said, "Cooking stuff."  This answer brought a smile to my face because it's so much cheaper than if he'd said, "Camera stuff."  Plus shopping for it is more fun (for me).  So off we went to our favorite kitchen store, Home and Farm Supply, up in the pretty little town of Jackson.  We drove there through green hills with poppies spilling down the slopes and cows grazing in the sunshine.

My "birthday" goodies

We arrived at the store and then proceeded to buy everything on the shelves.  We emptied the place.  OK, well, maybe we left just a little for later shoppers, but we made quite a dent in their inventory.

What I'd forgotten was that I, too, become an uncontrollable consumer when it comes to kitchen gadgets.  So, while the camera store might be more expensive for one, the kitchen store bill must be multiplied by two.

Bruce's birthday goodies

          I just love birthdays!                                                                          

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