Saturday, April 6, 2013


The past three days have been...interesting.  On Thursday, during a routine exam at my optometrist, my doctor got very quiet while examining my right eye.  I knew something was up.  He saw a white spot in the eleven o'clock position of my retina where no white spot should be.  It looked like I might have the beginnings of a tear in my retina.  He was concerned enough that he set up an appointment with a ophthalmologist colleague of his for the following day.  On Thursday the colleague looked, and he too was concerned by what he saw.  As he wasn't on my Kaiser Insurance, he wrote up his diagnosis and we called our own advice nurse when we got home.  We were told to get me to the Stockton clinic that evening so that one of their own ophthalmologists could examine me.  He did and then went on to schedule me to see a retinologist for this morning.  The retinologist took a good long look and decided that bit of laser surgery was in order to seal things off, just in case.  So this was done.  And now it's all over and all, hopefully, is well.

I'm truly grateful to have so much medical expertise on my side in this.  But.  Every time I went in, my eyes would get drops in it them get the pupils good and dilated.  And I'd be, essentially, blind for the rest of the day.  This translates to three days of my break where I couldn't do anything because I couldn't see.  Three days!  Just like that, all the weeding, weaving and cleaning I'd had planned went out the window.  I just have to let it go...

On the way home from the surgery I wore Darth Vader-type goggles to keep the brightness from my eyes.  It was quite a fashion-forward sort of look...I sincerely hope.  Bruce had read that the Oakdale feedstore had an order of Toulouse goslings in, so we decided to take a detour in order to pick up a couple of them.  So now we have two new Frogpond babies.

They are cute as only baby geese can be.  I offered them lettuce and they quickly figured out that leafy greens are delicious.  Clever little birds!

Tomorrow is my last day of break.  I will weed, finish cleaning my kitchen shelves, warp my weaving project, finish correcting student tests, write up lesson plans and tidy the house...Hah!!!

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