Friday, April 17, 2015


The flower beds in front of the house are a hodge-
podge of whatever survives and looks halfway decent.  The cast of characters frequently changes, but a few spunky regulars such as wild mint, Siberian iris and chrysanthemums tenaciously hang on season after season.  I fill in the gaps with seeds or plants from the nursery -- most die, but some thrive.

These foxgloves are from six-packs of plants I bought and put in about six years ago.  Originally the flowers were in all the pastel shades that hybrid foxgloves come in, but they have long since reseeded and reverted back to humble purple-pink.  I'm fine with that, because I love this petal color and their white and maroon-spotted throats.

Wind, sun, chickens, gophers, bugs ... it amazes me that a plant that looks so delicate can withstand everything that Frogpond throws at it.

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