Sunday, April 5, 2015


Our Easter Table

After almost a month of very warm days and no rain, today arrived with gray clouds and a few sprinkles to settle the dust.  This is what the weather is supposed to be like in April.

Mama and Ian came up and we lunched on Salade Nicoise (made by Mama), steamed asparagus with homemade Dijon mayonnaise (me), deviled eggs (me again) and fresh strawberry shortcake for desert.  A perfect spring feast.

I have next week off from school.  This break is most welcome -- I'm looking forward to spending it staying home and seeing a lot less of humanity.  A little peace and quiet for the soul.

Speaking of souls, our dear elder dog, Seal, visited the vet last week and the news is that she's losing weight because her kidneys are failing.  There isn't anything that can be done to reverse the damage, but we can try to keep her going by managing her diet.  On Friday we'd decided it was time to put her down because she's gone downhill so quickly and we don't want her to suffer.  But the last couple of days she's seemed happier and Bruce is thinking that maybe she wants to stay with us a little while longer.  So I think we'll be canceling tomorrow's vet appointment.  Loving animals is simple but complicated.

Seal has never been an in-your-lap affectionate sort of dog.  She clearly loves us, but in a sweetly reserved way.  Very British, one might say.

So yesterday I was surprised when she walked up to me gently wagging her tail as I sat on the porch step drinking tea.  I was even more surprised when she stiffly settled her front half onto my lap.  We enjoyed the sun together and Murphy joined us (he was a little jealous, I think).  Maybe she was saying goodby.  Or was she showing me that she still enjoys life.

Complicated.  But we'll figure it out.


  1. We have an 18 year old cat with kidney issues. Yes, it's complicated. But he's gamely hanging on after pulling out of a tailspin where we thought we'd lose him a few months ago. We love that cat. Our 15 3/4 yr old cat is starting to show signs of wear. Both of them are very clingy right now. They specialize in Chaperoning The Humans and making sure we jump when they say jump...

  2. ...and, being cats, I'm sure that they say "Jump!" frequently and at all the most inconvenient times. And I'm certain that your answer to them is, "How high????" I'm delighted that your 18 year old boy is hanging in there!

    Seal has let it be known that she's decided to stay on this Earth a while longer. It's so strange -- she'd been so depressed and hopeless these last few weeks that we thought she wanted to go. Immediately after the visit to the vet, her whole outlook shifted and she's happy again. Today I picked up her special dogfood (low protein) and three bottles of pills. Our vet, Dr. Mike, is such a good man (I wish my own human doctor was as compassionate) and suggested that we see how things go for the next few weeks. So we will. I'm more and more certain that Seal will tell us when she's ready to leave.

  3. I have a good human doctor. Most aren't. I don't know what I'd do if I had to switch. I've had decades of asshole doctors.. I am glad Seal is doing better. Our babies are being extremely clingy and our vet says older cats do that. So maybe that's part of what Seal is doing.

    Yes, the cats have us well trained. "Dogs have humans. Cats have retinue."

  4. Egads -- retinue, is it? I thought I was their slave. I've suddenly moved up in the world!