Monday, September 15, 2014

Calaveras Big Trees

This evening I called the woman with the dogs who killed the llama to see how she was doing.  She sounded a lot better and I was glad of that.  She also told me that she and her husband had decided to see if they could keep the dogs in their runs at night and when they weren't home.  So none of them had been put down.  I'm cautiously pleased about this.  The truth is that once a dog has gone into the "pack mentality" killer zone, it can never be fully trusted again.  However, if the owners are able to keep them contained, everything should be ok.  I don't hate the dogs for what they did -- they reverted to a wild state when they formed a pack.  I didn't want any of them to be euthanized if there was a concrete plan to prevent this from happening again.  The owner sounds like she has this plan.  I told her that I would keep an eye out for if they ever were caught wandering and she appreciated that.  Fingers crossed that everything settles down.  Life in the country...

On Sunday, Bruce and I decided that we needed to get away from here for awhile.  So we picked up sandwiches at the local deli counter and drove up to Calaveras Big Trees to walk the trails amongst the redwoods.  And it was good!

Yup.  Bruce and I have turned into Ma and Pa Kettle.  When this happened is a mystery, but the transformation is complete.  I am mortified to admit that I spent many minutes on making fun of my spouse's too-small and extremely ridiculous hat.  I only realized how unflattering and lopsided my own was when I downloaded our pictures.  I now must humbly admit that my beloved husband and I match.

Long sigh.

We ate our sandwiches at a table surrounded by pines.  The breeze was blowing through them and it sounded exactly like shushing of waves moving across the sand.  Exactly.

The water in Beaver Creek was low, but we saw trout darting in the shadows and the sound of the water was music to our parched ears.

A kind of tree squirrel called a chickaree racing up a tree trunk.  Bruce snapped this turbo-charged shot and somehow actually managed to capture the image of the squirrel before it disappeared into the canopy.

We had a very much needed fun day.  No chores (until we got home),  no school work, no computers.  Just us wandering around the woods.  Nice.


  1. Sure do hope your neighbor follows through and takes proper care of her dogs and contains them. I feel bad for the dogs - and I think that I would blame the owner. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to know where our dogs are. We have a neighbor that never uses a leash and her dog has gotten into several scrapes with other dogs. Her previous dog was on notice to be euthanized after it chased horses several times...

  2. The irony is that my neighbor brought home four of the five dogs as rescues -- she really has a soft spot for animals. She has several very large runs for the dogs, but wasn't using them. She promised that they won't be running loose again. You and I are in agreement that it was the owner's responsibility to keep the dogs from wandering. There will be no mercy if we catch them here again...

  3. ahhh, I just left a supper long comment which had nothing really to do with the blog itself but it was witty and what I would boast would have been entertaining to read... but seriously I dont understand how all this works, and apparently it doesnt seem like I did it right which is very disappointing since its impossible to duplicate due to the fact that I type exactly what I would say to you if we were face to face and who has the exact same conversation twice in a row back to back, or even remembers what they said word for word after five minutes of confusion, disappointment and a rising irritation that is getting strong with every misspelled word followed by the pounding of the backspace key... grrrrr. I copied this one just in case making a comment is beyond my intelligence making this the second comment not made but the first comment paste-able! Who's using who's brains now, although had I realize before sending the first one that it would be lost , I would have copied that one making this one necessary... ah, fiddlesticks...

  4. Sweet daughter, I have learned the bitter lesson to ALWAYS copy my immortal comments before trying to post. I don't want to admit to how many times I've sat staring at a blank field on my screen wondering where all the words went. Anyway, I'm pleased that you persevered and got it nailed down in the end. I'm also struck that you used the word "fiddlesticks" -- I love that expression and love the way you write (spelling words correctly is vastly overrated in my humble opinion (and I'm a teacher -- I know these things!). :)