Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pretty Rags and Bears in the Hills

Autumn breezes have arrived and even the cleaning rags on the line look lovely as they flutter in the morning light.

On another note, this evening as I was watering in the orchard, Corny began snorting and trotting about his pasture, I could hear people yelling and a gunshot of two.  I put down the hose and moved towards the noise but it was all too indistinct for me to make anything out.  When I went up to turn off the hose, it was almost dark and the dogs were barking at the gate to the pond.  I opened it, thinking they saw deer and was fine with them chasing them away.  But the barks didn't sound normal -- they were a little too high-pitched and hysterical.  So I called the dogs back and closed the gate.

When I got inside there was a message on our machine from our neighbor, Lena (owner of the dogs who killed the llama).  She called to tell me that a bear had been spotted heading towards our property.  I realized that this is what the dogs had been barking at.  I feel badly for any bear down so low out of the mountains.  Poor thing doesn't belong here -- it's probably hungry and thirsty.  It deserves better than being shot at.

Please let it rain this winter.  Let things be normal again.

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  1. HOLY BEAR!! I can't believe a bear has been spotted that far down the mountain. Just keep the fur babies safe!!