Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Itty-Bitty Pond

Well, at last we have something resembling a pond again -- it may not be much, but sure beats a dry hole in the ground.

I know that it's asking a lot, but I sure wish weather spread itself out just a little more evenly.  I've been following the reports of the sub-freezing temperatures and massive snowstorms in the East, Midwest and parts of the South.  In contrast to this, there are the rains that won't let up in Great Britain, causing the worst floods in 200 years.

And then there's us in our little section of land in northern California, shaking our fists at the sky and pleading for a little rain.  I'm sick of sunshine and am already dragging my feet against the coming of summer...and it's only February.

The mud in and around the pond is no longer dry, but still shows its cracks.  There's a 40% chance of rain on Saturday...

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