Monday, February 3, 2014

Seven Trees and a Bit of Rain

We planted the last of the trees that have been patiently languishing under the barn overhang for the last two to four months.  Three large oaks in 15 gallon pots, two bareroot apple trees and two small grey pines.  Bruce used the Kubota to auger the holes for most of them.  He only broke the shear pin that connects the auger to the gearbox once when the auger jammed into the shale.  That finished off our planting day on Saturday.  On Sunday he replaced it and we got the rest of the trees tucked in the ground.  It's relief for all of us (humans and, I imagine, trees alike).

The weather seems to have changed and shifted to a wetter, more winter-like patterns.  Praise be.  I don't think that there's any possibility of our getting anything resembling the amounts we get in a normal year, but two weeks ago it was looking like we might not be getting ANY water at all.  So I'm grateful for any drops that come our way.  When I drove to school this morning, I saw a blue sign stuck in someone's yard that said, "Pray for Rain."  That's how it is around here.

The half inch that we got last week actually left a puddle in the center of our dried-out pond.  We're due for another storm this coming weekend and my fingers are crossed that the pond grows with it.  We've never started a summer with an absolutely dry pond -- it's a dismal thought.

Already with the small amount of rain we've had, the grass is shooting up green spears through the dead growth that covers the hills.  Pray for Rain!

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