Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy and, of course, Olives

Back east, all hell is breaking loose with Hurricane Sandy.  Here, on the west coast -- a balmy autumn afternoon.  It's disconcerting having to somehow digest all of the divergent information that comes streaming in.  In the end, I'm somehow wishing like crazy for lots of rain and wet weather here where it's so dry, even as I'm hoping that the storm back east subsides.  Hard not to be a bit schizophrenic these days.

The olives are done.  Sort of.  Out in the crocks, they taste perfect.  We thought we'd put one batch of them in jars with fresh brine solution.  Big mistake -- they're now horribly salty.  I'm crossing my fingers that soaking them in plain water will desalinize them. 

How ironic that when we finally get them tasting absolutely delicious, we'd put in the extra effort to make them inedible once again.

Never give up!  Never surrender!  Charge!!!

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